Stress Can Reduce Your Chances of Pregnancy: See How

What is stress 
Stress is usually believed to hinder one’s health and well-being in many ways. However, it can also come in the way of conception for couples trying for a baby. Hence, it is imperative for women to decrease their daily stress levels before planning for a pregnancy for smooth conception and a healthy pregnancy. 

Here is how high stress levels can affect conception.

It can lead to decreased egg production:

Stress induces various hormonal secretions in the body that leads to imbalance in the system. Stress disrupts the functioning of the hypothalamus, the gland, responsible for proper functioning and secretion of various hormones of the endocrine system. This in turn also affects the hormones that help in the production of ovum or eggs. When stress comes in the way of ovulation, it is termed as stress-induced anovulation. This condition leads to late ovulation in a cycle or no ovulation at all, hence leading to problems with conception. 

It affects male fertility:

Stress not only interferes with female reproductive functions, it also disrupts the functioning of the male reproductive system. Chronic stress both physically and mentally results in lower testosterone production, less sperm count and other problems like erectile dysfunction that can make it difficult for a couple to conceive despite their desires. 

It disturbs the functioning of the endocrine system:

Stress doesn’t always result in reproductive issues directly. The various hormonal changes happening in the body that disturbs the normal functions like irregular sleep, digestion, fatigue, weight gain can indirectly affect the reproductive cycle in a woman and lower sperm count in the males. Apart from this thyroid troubles in women can affect pregnancy to a great extent. 

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